About Us

Condo Chicks are a group of Realtors in the Toronto area with great success in selling lofts and condominium units. You can trust our team to negotiate on your behalf and represent your best interests. We take pride in our experience, knowledge from continuous learning and innovative marketing techniques. Our real estate sales representatives work full time as realtors, which means you can be assured that our listings are given the proper attention and that any type of inquiry is entertained to secure a successful negotiation each and every time.

Aside from the fact that our real estate sales representatives have much sales experience particularly in reselling, new homes, lofts and condominiums around the GTA. Our real estate sales representatives are also known for their professional approach in handling client’s inquiries which educate and lead them to a confident decision with their home buying experience. This approach also helps our client’s tremendously in setting objectives and achieving their goals. We strive to make it a point that our clients get the most out of their investments.

We are a team that is behind the success of selling some of the most prestigious and prominent high rise condominium developments in the GTA, as well as notable lofts and new homes also in the Toronto area. We value our work with passion and competitive drive that’s why no matter if you’re looking to buy or sell a condo in Toronto, the Condo Chicks are more than willing to take on the challenge!


Highly skilled in negotiation, sassy and passionate – these are just some of the qualities of our full-time realtors at Condo Chicks acquire. Each and every team member is committed to excellence and quality of service. Each transaction and negotiation is taken seriously and every detail is taken into account. We love selling real estate properties as much as we love the city!

If you’re a builder looking for a team of real estate sales representatives, you’ve come to the right place! With our use of technology and results-driven marketing strategies, our success rate is highly competitive. Our confidence is backed up with experience, time-proven techniques and immense desire to succeed. We encourage everyone who’s looking either to buy or sell condominium units or lofts in Toronto to connect with us so that you can get to know the basic things you might need to know and gear up yourself efficiently.

At Condo Chicks, we make real estate buying and selling pretty simple, less stressful and even fun for our clients (who says real estate needs to be boring?). We love to meet and work with different/ new people and that’s what compliments our passion in delivering results. Let our agents upbeat and optimistic personalities make your experience a whole lot different and more positive.

Keep the Condo Chicks, and Stomp Realty Inc, Brokerage in mind when you are looking at buying or selling lofts, condominium units, new homes or resorts or even developments still under construction anywhere in Toronto.

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